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Parrot Campsites and Lakefront Houses

After arriving at Presqui’lle Provincial Park on May 31st, we started setting up our tents and getting ready for the night. The kids played and had a grand time while Dan and I were getting the tents ready.

Katia set up a whole campsite for her parrot (the one toy she was allowed to bring on the trip), with a campfire pit and everything. It was ultra creative (and ultra adorable).

We still had a little bit of daytime left, so we checked out the beach, which was quite rocky, and the kids had fun throwing rocks in the water.

There were two couples camping in small campers nearby, and they were really friendly. We enjoyed nice conversations with them, and you could see they were enjoying watching the kids as well.

cycle touring kids presqu'ile

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family bicycle adventure

Treehouse bathrooms and riding on cows (Consecon-Presquille)

It’s been a while since I’ve written about our bicycling adventure. My original intention had been to write blog posts while we were on the road, but no data plan and sheer exhaustion at the end of the day prevented me from doing so. Then, the intention had been to write at least one post a week after getting home, so I could recount our adventures while they were still fresh in my mind. But then, life happened, my writing business got really busy, I remembered that a new homeschooling year is just around the corner… and updating the blog sort of fell off by the wayside.

But we had such an amazing time during this bicycling adventure, I really want to share the details with you. While I had kept a journal, I somehow managed to lose it (what’s new?), so I’ll be relying on the pictures to remember the events. So if something seems out of place in the timeline, bear with me 🙂

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