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The 5 Blogs You Need to Follow if You’re Starting a Writing Career

In February of 2016, I started writing for fun, and I soon discovered my fun could turn into profit. In a matter of months, working very few hours each week, I made enough to finally visit my family in Brazil (it’d been 5 years since I had last seen them). In my road to a writing career, I joined and left many mailing lists, and followed and unfollowed many blogs. Here’s the ones that made the cut – and why.

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How I made enough from my writing to finally visit my family

I have lived an international life. I grew up in Brazil, then spent my high school years in a suburb of Chicago. After that, I immigrated to Canada with my dad, stepmom, and siblings. I was fortunate enough to have my mom also move to Canada some years later. My sister moved back to Illinois after a period of time. All in all, though, I have almost my whole immediate family in the same province where I live, and I get to see most of them several times per year. Because of that, some people tend to minimize what I’ve left behind.

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