Setting Goals That Actually Work

So… you’re a procrastinator. It’s OK, you can admit it.

Most of us had no issue calling ourselves out in school. When we were up all night finishing an assignment that was due the next day, we’d just say it: I procrastinated. Then we became adults, and realized adulting is hard. Missing deadlines now have bigger consequences than failing a class. Especially if you’re a freelance writer. Or a mom who’s also a freelance writer. If procrastination is getting you down, it’s time to make things right by setting some goals that actually work.

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Is Your Homeschooled Child Falling Behind?

Homeschooled kids often learn in different ways and at a difference pace than their public school counterparts. For this reason, many people don’t understand what homeschooling actually is, and what homeschooling parents actually do. This causes all kinds of weird assumptions… and sometimes us homeschooling parents end up listening a little too closely to the critics.

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Family Touring Bikes: Cycle Touring with Kids

Family cycle touring is awesome!

And while you can just use regular bikes to go touring with your family, family touring bikes make life easier and more exciting on the road. We don’t have too many fancy bikes (though we do have lots of different types of bicycles), but if you can fit one of these awesome family touring bikes in your budget, we definitely recommend it 🙂

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Chronic Illness and Exercise: What You Need to Know

If you have a chronic illness, you’re probably tired of hearing the “expert” opinion of random people.

Living with a chronic illness (or several) is hard. But dealing with people who seem to take joy in blaming you for your condition is even worse. From people blaming “toxins” (whatever that means) in your food to people telling you that you need to get up and move when your joints don’t work, it’s kind of hard to maintain a positive attitude when you live with a chronic illness. And I totally get it.

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Personal Finance Blogs Worth Reading

Financial situation got you down? Ready to get your finances under control?

I’m no personal finance expert, but I’ve learned a thing or two over my short 36 years. I’ve been a broke (working) student, a laid-off employee, and a homeschooling mom of 3. I’ve worked 3 jobs and I’ve worked no paid jobs. I’ve written articles for pennies (or for nothing at all), and I’ve secured big clients on retainer. 

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I abandoned my kids. So Should You.

I abandoned my kids last weekend. Yep. I packed my bags, drove 280 kilometers away, and spent an entire weekend completely by myself. OK, OK, I didn’t abandon my kids. I took a weekend off. Because mamas need a break. So Do daddies.

But the way some people react to me taking my annual weekend off, you’d think I’d fed my kids to the wolves. On the contrary, I left them with their very capable father, who also gets a full 4 days off each year. So it’s only fair Mama gets 4 days off too, right? 

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Save Money: Why We Drive Crappy Cars

I’ve never owned a new car, neither do I ever intend on buying one. (Except maybe for a DeLorean time machine replica. That’d be worth spending money on. If I’m ever filthy rich).

I just don’t see the appeal of adding “car payment” to my pile of bills. I’d rather pay in cash, and when that’s not possible, pay it back as quickly as possible on my own terms. Which is why when we did borrow money to pay for a car, we did it on a low cost line of credit and paid it off within a few months.

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