Family RV Adventure Announcement!

Anyone who’s known me for more than about 5 minutes knows that I’m not a homebody. Travelling is my thing, and being in the same house for the last 8 years is starting to feel a little… suffocating. Who am I kidding? It’s felt that way for the last 5 or so years. If you’ve met my family, you know that family adventure travel is also our thing. And though we had a blast on our bicycles in 2016, our next adventure will be a Family RV Adventure! And a BIG one, too 🙂

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Side Hustles for Stay-at-Home Parents

Side Hustles allow me to stay home with my kids while still earning money.

If you’ve been a stay-at-home parent for any length of time, chances are that at some point, you’ve considered going back to work. But for whatever reasons, you keep deciding to stay. For me, there are many reasons. But even though I’ve decided to  stay home with my kids, that doesn’t mean I can’t work for pay, too. And the same is true for you. Enter side hustles.

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Canada’s Wonderland with Kids: What Not to Miss

What to check out and what to skip when visiting Canada’s Wonderland with young kids

I LOVE roller coasters. And I have always loved them since I was tall enough to ride them. There’s just something about that adreline rush when you know chances of actually getting hurt on these thing is really, really low. Not that accidents on roller coasters never happen, but you’re safer on a roller coaster than driving in a car. And still, that adrenaline rush is still there, and roller coasters do some pretty interesting things to your body that are kind of fun! After I went to Canada’s Wonderland all by myself for my annual weekend off, I kept thinking that my oldest daughter would probably love going there. The little ones would probably enjoy the kids’ area, too. So naturally, I made plans for a road trip.

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