Savannah, Georgia

“Mama, spanish moss is like your hair! If you pull it, it boings back up again!” Truly, these interesting epiphytic plants do look like strings of curly green hair hanging down from nearly every tree in Savannah, Georgia. The scenery they provide, for those who haven’t been here long enough to take it for granted, looks like something out of a fantasy tale.

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A Gigantic Tree and Some Great Tea

It reaches out its arms in all directions, seemingly wanting to spread its being to the farthest corners of this estate. These branches are magnificent, and this tree is almost as tall as the tales told about it. But at 65 feet, the height of this tree isn’t what first catches your attention: the span of its branches are the most impressive thing about the Angel Oak.

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Swings by the Ocean

Ten years ago, I sat on this same swing and breathed in the ocean breeze. And for a moment, all was well in the world. Now, ten years later, as I sit here with my three beautiful children and we swing to our heart’s content while looking out onto the water, the happiness is just as palpable as all those years ago, when it was just Dan and me on a great adventure across Canada and the U.S.

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Screams and Thrills in New Jersey

After our awkward experience at the museum in New York, I suppose we should have expected other security checkpoints.

But as an employee scans my fingerprint so I can enter an amusement park, I’m appropriately “amused” at the situation. I understand that security is important anywhere large crowds gather, but fingerprinting a 4-year-old before she can ride on kiddie coasters seems a little over the top.

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