Midnight in the Springs of Diving Missions

After our disappointing experience in New Jersey, I’m weary when Dan shows me a picture of a nice campground in Florida. It looks nice on the screen, but I have an inkling it won’t be as nice in person. Dan seems really excited about the place, so I don’t say anything.

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A Chilly Plunge and Library Hens in Wakulla Springs, Florida

By Florida standards, it’s getting chilly out there, so an indoor destination is just the thing. And while we’ll never argue against library visits, we think you can still fit in an outdoor swim, even in the “cold”  Florida autumn.

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Amazing handcraft in Lake City, Florida

I’m not a crafty person—my craft is my writing. While some may view my lack of handiwork skills as a negative, I see it as a positive: when I’m given something handmade, I have that much more love for it, because I know I don’t have the skill to create that lovely item I’m holding. And when I see beautiful art on display, I am filled with joy. The library in Lake City, Florida, gives visitors a feast for the eyes in the form of a quilt exhibit.
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The Snow Birds Are Right

The snow birds are right. Migrating to Florida is nice.

While it’s been a little chilly in Florida by Southern standards, I can tell you one thing: I don’t miss snow. At all. The fall here in Florida in these past few days have been very similar to the winters I grew up with in the Southeast of Brazil: pretty cold, but not cold enough to warrant a parka and tuque (though some Floridians would beg to differ—both about the need for these items, as well as about what the latter should be called). 

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