Apache Junction, Arizona

Blog Title Image: black and white letters on faint pink background read: A beautiful library and gorgeous views in Apache Junction, Arizona, www.marianamcdougall.com. Background photo by Mariana Abeid-McDougall shows mountains in the distance.

They squeal in delight as they spot the castle, and run towards it, despite requests to “walk, please” from us. A whole castle inside a library—it’s too hard to contain the excitement. They explore the area fully, and K-girl is happy to explain who the elf on the wall is. She also spots the magic mirror on the wall, and G-boy doesn’t waste any time in going to explore the second storey.

A girl wearing a green sweater is seeing walking towards a play castle at the Apache Junction Library in Arizona


The castle isn’t the only excitemente in the children’s area of this library. There are many other things to discover. This may be one of the most fun children’s libraries we’ve visited so far. The fun begins even before you enter the children’s area, with a wonderful book archway.


Two girls and one boy stand under the archway into the children's area of the Apache Junction Library. The archway is made of representations of children's books.


M-girl excitedly prepares me a meal with every imaginable: vegetables, fruits, and even a taco. And of course, she couldn’t forget a doughnut. The preschool children’s area is lovely, full of fun toys to discover, including a puppet theatre and puppets, a very nice kitchen, all kinds of rhymes on the wall, and more. And the best part: a doorway into an outdoor library playground.


Two girls play in the preschool area of the Apache Junction library. They are playing at a play kitchen.


The fun continues with puzzles, games, a doll display, and even a green screen. The dragon’s den is a lot of fun, too.


4-year-old girl is seen from the back playing at the dragon's den of the Apache Junction library.


K-girl reads piles of books as usual; the little ones read books with Daddy, and Mama finds a quiet place to work for a while. This library is truly wonderful, but in Apache Junction, it’snot just the indoor spaces that are enjoyable. Even the library parking lot has a great view.


Apache Junction Library parking lot. An RV is on the left, while the mountains are on the right.


We enjoyed Apache Junction so much, we returned a second day. I would love to return to this area regularly—both to enjoy lots of time at this wonderful library, as well as to revisit Goldfield Ghost Town. Apache Junction is a beautiful desert location, and we fully enjoyed our time here.


Pinterest Blog Title Image: Even Parking Lots have amazing views in Apache Junciton, Arizona. www.marianamcdougall.com. Background photo shows an RV and mountains in the distance.


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    1. It really was a great place; I really enjoyed it there. I’d like to come back one day to spend more time here. Revisit Goldfield Ghost Town, spend lots of time at the library, and just stare at the mountains for a while.

      Thank you so much for supporting my writing by reading and commenting on my blog, Marg. It means a lot to me.



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