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Abstract Art by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash.

10 Places to Admire Beautiful Art Online

One of the things I like to do in my very limited spare time is to look at art online. Of course you can visit museum and art gallery websites, but one of my favourite ways to look at art is to go straight to the source. I enjoy looking at freelance artists’ websites and Instagram accounts and dream about the art I’ll add to my home some day. Here are just some of the places I like to look at art online.

1. Kadir Nelson

Kadir Nelson is an extremely accomplished artist, and I think his paintings are gorgeous. We have read many children’s books that he has illustrated, and I’m always interested in looking at the details of his paintings. You can see his beautiful art here.

2. Gisele Denis Fine Artist

Gisele’s flowers are absolutely gorgeous. I love looking at these beautiful paintings and dreaming about opening a coworking space some day… I would decorate the coworking space with some large wildflower paintings. Dream about your own spots for this beautiful art here.

3. Martello Alley

Martello Alley is a lovely space in Kingston ON (where I live!) that brings together many artists. I love walking through the alley and looking at the beautiful art. But since COVID-19 began, I’m not walking through too many places, especially downtown, where more people tend to conglomerate, a lot of them not wearing masks. So I content myself with looking through their catalogue online, and dreaming about the day I won’t be hesitant to take a walk downtown anymore.

4. Kingston Glass Studio and Gallery

Here’s another local spot that I adore. I dream about one day owning some of the beautiful glass art made here. But they also sell paintings and other visual art. It’s well worth the look through their website. For those who live in Kingston, the gallery does some glass blowing workshops. Of course those are suspended for now, but when the pandemic is over, give them a try.

5. M.K. Hughes

As an amateur actor, I’m always interested in how sets are designed and created. I’ve often thought that set design would be a really interesting profession. M.K. Hughes is a multi-talented artist, working in sketches, painting, prop making, set design, and more. The website showcases some of the work done for the theatre as well as some of the beautiful paintings and sketches. Check out the full portfolio.

10 Places to admire beautiful art online, Background photo of an abstract painting by Paweł Czerwiński

6. Paweł Czerwiński

Instagram is a great place to see beautiful art as well. I really like Paweł Czerwiński’s abstract art, which he shares on his Instagram feed (and yes, I can pronounce his name! I know a little Polish 🙂 ). He also shares his beautiful art on Unsplash, which means it’s Creative Commons Licensed. You can also support his art by buying metal posters here. This post’s Pinterest graphic features one  of the paintings he shared on Unsplash.

7. David Kassan

If you like hyper realistic paintings, you will love David Kassan’s work. His paintings sometimes look like photos; they are absolutely stunning. See his beautiful paintings on his Instagram feed.

8. Shalak Attack

I absolutely LOVE murals. Looking through Shalak Attack’s website makes my heart happy. She’s a Canadian-Chilean visual artist who has painted murals all over the world (including in my hometown, São Paulo). Looking through her mural portfolio, you can see that she has painted the sides of houses in addition to other walls… wouldn’t it be lovely to have a gorgeous butterfly mural painted on the side of your house? A girl can dream…

9. Martina Straniero

Another Instagram account worth looking through is Martina Straniero. I love how her drawings remind me of the stationary I used to collect as a kid in Brazil. They look like they would be beautiful as illustrations in a children’s book. The art is also eclectic, she works in various styles. You can also view her art for sale here. Don’t be deterred by the “mature art…” it’s really, really, really mild, like a poster that says “I don’t give a” and then shows the picture of a crab, or a sketch of a woman dancing with whales; she is naked but you don’t really see anything.

10. Barbara Reid

Barbara Reid is probably my favourite illustrator of all time. Her unique Plasticine illustrations grace many favourite children’s books, and we have read so many of them in our house. I dream of one day owning every single book Barbara Reid has ever illustrated… maybe that co-working space I’ll own one day will have a daycare, and the walls will be decorated with Barbara Reid wall art… Until I can afford that, I keep dreaming by looking at her portfolio.


These are just some of the websites I like looking through for art to buy some day. There are also many other places to look at art, from digital photography to world famous paintings and museum pieces. I’ll share some of those in later posts. Is there an artist’s website that you enjoy? Or are you an artist who would like to show us your portfolio? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Big fan of M.K. Hughes. Her work is kind of hard to label but that’s one of the cool things about it.

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