Best doughnuts ever and great warm shower hosts

Donut Monster

In Hamilton, we stayed with a  lovely family who has lots of experience cycle touring. They are the Pedal Powered Family, and they’re always ready to receive visitors. It was so wonderful to experience such amazing generosity, and I learned a wonderful lesson during my time with this family.

They have two children, and our kids were ecstatic to have playmates again. They also had a pretty cool tree-house bed that the kids got to sleep in.

This family was super generous, and we were so excited to chat about our experiences. We also got to sample some pretty delicious doughnuts, since they own a doughnut factory. Ok, we didn’t “sample;” we devoured full-size doughnuts. They were delicious. We also had some delicious home cooked meals and got to share some wonderful conversation with these fine folks.

They recommended the splash pad as well as the Children’s Museum, and we had fun playing with the kids at these places.

When we left Hamilton, without prompting, the kids in this awesome family gave each of our kids a small toy. We thought that was really sweet.

We had a good time in Hamilton, and look forward to visiting our hosts again someday. They’re also welcome at our house anytime. Please click the image below to check out Donut Monster’s awesomeness!

best donuts ever and great hosts too

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