Camping in the Mountains in San Berardino, California

Bonita Ranch Campground, San Berardino, California. Photo of mountains and children playing at a campsite

Getting into the space was a little challenging, but completely worth it. 

The mountains surround us and seem to hug us with the comforting scenery. Here at Bonita Ranch Campground in San Berardino, California, I can see why people love to live in the mountains. This place is not just beautiful; it’s so peaceful. It’s impossible to not be filled with happiness looking at the beauty around us. The campground is quiet, and I’m happy here.

Bonita Ranch is a lovely small campground in the mountains of San Berardino, California. A lovely quiet place, great for adults and kids alike. Pinterest blog post title: white and pink letters on faint black background with thin pink border read: "Bonita Ranch Campground, San Berardino, California,


The children play on the small rock wall behind the campsite, and the day is beautiful for a hike. Alas, my toes have not recovered from their meeting with the wall, so I shall ice my feet and admire the beauty while sitting down.


RV in a campsite at Bonita Ranch, San Berardino, California


I do manage to walk around the campground once. It’s a smaller campground, and it’s easy for me to walk around the loop. The kids find a small little creek and chase each other around near the water, while I sit and look on.

The campground has campsites with electricity and water, and offers two dump stations. This is a really nice place, and it’d be lovely to return to this campground one day, stay for a few weeks or months, and just write. There are so many places on this trip that have inspired me, and I wish I had more time to write just for fun. Perhaps when the kids are older, I will (and I’ll do more acting, too). For now, I just enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


Tree, mountains, clouds, and the sun at Bonita Ranch in San Berardino, California


The next day it’s raining, so we head to one of our favourite indoor places to visit on this trip—the library. The closest to where we are that might have parking nearby is the Rancho Cucamonga Library. Beautifully decorated with book-inspired works or art and local school children’s art projects, the library is a lovely place for the children to read some books and play.


"flying books" at Rancho Cucamonga Library, California. Books hang from wire, and pages have been arranged so that they look like they're flying off the books.


girl reading book at library. Her father stands on the other side of the bench, watching his younger children.


Statue of a girl reading a book while sitting next to a teddy bear and toy duck. Behind the statue are shelves of books. Statue in children's area of Rancho Cucamonga Public Library.


After enjoying ourselves and reading a pile of books at the library, we head to Palm Springs, California, where there are windmill and solar panel farms everywhere you look.


solar panel farm, viewed from the dash of an RV


The mountains are very beautiful, too, and the children are happy to see snow on top of them. And I’m happy that that’s where the snow stays, for the most part.


snow covered mountains in palm springs california

We’re looking forward to seeing what California has to offer. What’s your favourite place in California?


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