I abandoned my kids. So Should You.

I abandoned my kids last weekend. Yep. I packed my bags, drove 280 kilometers away, and spent an entire weekend completely by myself. OK, OK, I didn’t abandon my kids. I took a weekend off. Because mamas need a break. So Do daddies.

But the way some people react to me taking my annual weekend off, you’d think I’d fed my kids to the wolves. On the contrary, I left them with their very capable father, who also gets a full 4 days off each year. So it’s only fair Mama gets 4 days off too, right? 

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Elimination Communication: Raising Babies Without Diapers (WHAT???)

Elimination Communication eliminates the need for potty training. Yes, your baby can live diaper-free.

You now have two choices: breathe a huge sigh of relief and learn more. Or, raise your eyebrows, roll your eyes, and mutter about “these crazy parenting trends.”

When I first heard about elimination communication (EC), I decided to do the former, and we did a bit of EC with all our kids. It worked for us. If you’re curious, read on to find out more.

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