Joy in the small moments: a parenting journey

I know, I know. sometimes it’s hard to see find joy in the small moments. Especially when those small moments include tantrums, or repeating yourself for the 5th time because your kids didn’t hear you the first, second, third, or fourth time. Sometimes the best parents get frustrated, and sometimes we don’t deal well with that frustration.

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I abandoned my kids. So Should You.

I abandoned my kids last weekend. Yep. I packed my bags, drove 280 kilometers away, and spent an entire weekend completely by myself. OK, OK, I didn’t abandon my kids. I took a weekend off. Because mamas need a break. So Do daddies.

But the way some people react to me taking my annual weekend off, you’d think I’d fed my kids to the wolves. On the contrary, I left them with their very capable father, who also gets a full 4 days off each year. So it’s only fair Mama gets 4 days off too, right? 

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Elimination Communication: Raising Babies Without Diapers (WHAT???)

Elimination Communication eliminates the need for potty training. Yes, your baby can live diaper-free.

You now have two choices: breathe a huge sigh of relief and learn more. Or, raise your eyebrows, roll your eyes, and mutter about “these crazy parenting trends.”

When I first heard about elimination communication (EC), I decided to do the former, and we did a bit of EC with all our kids. It worked for us. If you’re curious, read on to find out more.

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