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Great Christmas Gifts for the Writers on Your List

This year, I’m on top of things. I had all my Christmas gifts purchased before December hit. I finished my handmade stocking gifts well before Christmas eve. But of course, in typical Mariana fashion, I can’t remember where I put one of the gifts, and chances are, I’ll still be scrambling to get ready for Christmas Eve, even though I had planned everything well ahead of time.

If, like me, you’re not always on top of things (even when you think you are), you might still have some gifts left to buy. Do you have a writer on your gift list? Or someone who would love to pursue their writing more seriously? Here are some ideas that’ll make their faces light up. The best part? You could buy some of these on Christmas Day, and
they’d still get to enjoy them on the same day (ah, the joy of membership communities).

Here are some awesome gift for writers.

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Niche for Success? Nah.

Since I was 15, I’ve always had all kinds of stuff on the go – all at the same time. I worked full time hours while going to high school full time (and still managed to participate in two extra-curriculars per year, while writing poetry, too. I worked two jobs all through my university years, had a blast swing dancing with friends every week, and still managed to graduate on the Dean’s Honours List with a dual degree. After university, I worked three jobs while continuing my swing dancing outings and still managing to hang out with my husband. Then I had kids. Now I homeschool, parent (and waste time with my kids), play sports for fun and hang out with friends, and I have a writing business on the side (which is doing pretty well, considering how little time I spend on it). Whenever I slow down, it’s usually because someone tells me to do so. And I’m never happy when I listen to that advice.

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