Cooking in Real Life

It’s crossed my mind once or twice to start a food blog. And then I realize that I have three homeschooled children 7 and under. The beautiful photography required for a food blog and the thoughtful, lengthy posts about how a recipe came to be are somewhat of an unrealistic goal in this household (and I imagine most households like mine).

But I do love cooking and involving my kiddos in the process (sometimes). Cooking here is messy, and the food doesn’t always look magazine-worthy. But it’s almost always pretty yummy. So I thought, “why not share some of this stuff with our readers?” I’m sure if I share what the state of the kitchen is really like when we cook here, many mamas (and daddies) could relate. So here’s my not-so-secret half-arsed attempt at a “cooking in real life” blog. Don’t expect fancy pictures. I already eat my dinners cold as it is.