Cousins and Home-Based Science

Playing and learning with the cousins in Peoria, Illinois

She asks us to come see the beautiful house they’ve just created, and when we come outside, a lovely fairy house awaits.

It has a wooden gate, a bird’s nest on a tree nearby, and some flowers in the garden. She’s having a blast creating worlds with her playmates.

When you live 1,300 km apart, getting together with your cousins is an event, and the kids enjoy each others’ company.

girl looking at a flower in the garden


The cousins play Lego, pull each other in the wagon outside, and make use of the lovely hammock in the boys’ room.


girl pulling two boys in a wagon while a girl and a boy look on


Five children sitting in a hammock


My sister cooks lovely meals and we chat about all kinds of things around the dinner table.


Two women with long hair smiling at the camera


Tina and Mike treat us to lunch after church on Sunday, and we’re very thankful. My sister, Tina, reads to the kids before bed, and it’s a nice moment to get to know some new-to-them books with a different reader.


woman reading to children on the coach

In addition to story time, we get some schooling in, too, while we’re at my sister’s. In our family, all the cousins are homeschooled.

Any time is time for learning when you're a homeschooler. Having fun with the cousins in Peoria, Illinois.


Our family leads a pretty eclectic homeschooling life; my brother’s kids follow a Catholic curriculum, and my sister’s kids follow Charlotte Mason. While we all educate our kids a little bit differently, we have one thing in common: we agree that learning doesn’t have to happen just during school hours. So, with our kids in their PJs, we had a bit of an improptu science lesson. We don’t own a microscope (yet), so my kids thought it was super cool to get to use one.


Kids around a table looking at a microscope

After lots of fun with the cousins, we made our way to Naperville and Chicago. More about those visits in the next post!


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