Deep Cleaning and Finding Long-Lost Items


You know when you put something away in a very specific spot so you’ll be able to find it later… and then you can’t remember where you put it? Yep, I’ve done that a million times. I used to be hyper-organized, and then I had kids. I’ve been living in chaos since, but it’s so worth it. Having said that, I’m kind of done with living in a mess. I can only stand it for so long. So I’m working super hard and trying to purge and organize my house before the new year hits.

I started today, with the dining room. I deep cleaned in there – and when I say deep cleaned, I mean deep cleaned. I washed the walls (good news: they’re somewhat cleaner. Bad news: they’ll never get clean enough. We need to paint). I cleaned the inside of furniture and under the furniture. I organized the drawers in the buffet. I literally moved everything out of the dining room to clean the floors, walls, and baseboards.  It was intense. And then, while I was putting something completely random away, I happened upon our extra external hard drive! You know, the one that’s supposed to hold our backup files? And that I’d put away in a very specific spot… you get the idea. The nice thing for today is a clean room (at least one!) and finding long-lost items. I’m actually looking forward to purging and deep cleaning the rest of the house. It’s liberating!

There was another nice thing. It had to do with a toilet, but bear with me – no potty humour today. Just parenting as usual. I had to go to the toilet and as usual, the kids were acting up while I couldn’t do anything about it. I reached out to my 6-year-old and asked her if she could go sing songs to her brother and sister, who were supposed to be lying down for nap time. I finished in the washroom and came into the room to find my oldest snuggling her two younger siblings and singing all the songs that I usually sing them for bedtime. The heart swells. What a wonderful day.

What nice thing happened for you today?

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