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I’ve always enjoyed writing. From the moment I learned to write coherent sentences, I began writing stories for fun. In my teenage years, I wrote several poems and competed for a top finish in many local poetry slams. During university, I always got top marks (or grades, for my friends South of the border) in courses that required a written essay as a final project. I enjoyed writing argumentative essays and researching the points I was trying to prove. Fiction became less and less of an interest, and nonfiction earned my heart as my preferred type of writing. As my teenage angst subsided, so did my inspiration for poetry. But I still loved writing – the type of writing changed with the seasons, but my love for writing never waned.

As I got older, I bought into the lie that you have to pick a “realistic career,” and listened to the “voice of reason” that told me I should have a back-up plan. As a result, my writing fell off by the wayside, and I went nearly 15 years without writing as much as a short poem or creative paragraph in my spare time. More time passed, I got married, and I had three kids.

After trying many different ways to balanced parenthood and work, I finally decided that I needed to stay home with my kids if I wanted to homeschool them, and I left the workforce. This decision gave me the opportunity to work around the children’s schedule and return to one of my passions – writing. I started this blog mostly for fun and to have an outlet to talk about whatever came to mind. As a result, my initial blog posts were somewhat jumbled and didn’t really fit into any coherent category. Then again, scattered categories and varied interests are usually a common theme among scanners or multipotentialites, so my lack of “niching” when it came to sharing ideas wasn’t all that surprising.

In February of 2016, I decided to take my writing more seriously (and ignore all the naysayers), and I decided to attempt publication in a multi-author site. I was accepted on my first try to the Good Men Project, with a tongue-in-cheek article about how husbands can drive their wives wild. And yes, I still find men cleaning kitchen floors very sexy. I was later published in The Huffington Post with a self-development article, got a paying gig with The Talko (which I have since left), got a few freelance editing gigs, and was published in I also ghostwrite blog posts for some clients. I continue to pitch and grow as a writer, and I’ve learned lots along the way. I would love to share what I have learned with you.

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