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This blog is my personal hobby. If you’re looking for a blogger, copywriter, or editor for your business, please see my business site here. If you’re a writer looking for advice, read on.
I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I do so in many styles and formats. I’ve written poetry, children’s stories, argumentative essays, copywriting pieces, web copy, and more.
Although I’ve always done some kind of writing, whether as a hobby or as part of a job, in 2016 I decided to turn my hobby into a career. I’ve been published in a few places, and as I continued my journey as a freelancer, I realized that several aspiring writers were becoming frustrated with the advice to pick a niche. Many writers are also scanners (or multipotentialites), and have a difficult time picking just one thing.
That’s why I created If you’re someone who enjoys writing about multiple subjects and in a variety of formats, check out the blog posts and consider signing up for a free lifetime membership to the site. There, you can be part of a community of writers who believe that we work best when we honour our true, MultiTalented personalities. You can also join our group on Facebook to meet like-minded writers and get help with starting and/or growing your writing career.