My Writing

Dreams into Goals Writing, Mariana Abeid-McDougall
I’ve always loved writing, ever since I learned how to write. I’ve written everything from children’s stories, to poetry, to magazine articles, to blog posts and more. Some writers would suggest that I need to settle down and pick a niche, but I’ve never been one to go with the popular advice. 
That’s why I continue to write about whatever I want to write about, because I’ve learned that to be a good writer, niching isn’t what you need to worry about—knowing how to research, interview, and master voice is. I believe in this so strongly, I created a whole other website to help multi-niche writers find their way in a specialized world.
If you’re interested in seeing what else I write about besides this blog, click here, and check this page regularly 🙂 Just know that there’s lots more I write that I can’t put on here, because what gets me paid most handsomely is ghostwriting and ghost blogging.
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