Get Fit in 2017 – 5 Ways to Achieve Your Fittest Year Ever!

Get Fit in 2017!

A lot of people make New Year’s Resolutions to get fit. Unfortunately, a lot of these resolutions end up in a drawer and don’t actually happen. Some folks exercise all through January, a few times in February, and lose steam by March. Others don’t even get started at all.

To make your fittest year ever happen, you need to choose exercises that you actually enjoy—that’s how you’ll get fit. Remember: the most effective exercise is the one you’ll actually do.

If you choose exercises that you can do anywhere, you’re even more likely to stick to getting active. If you need some ideas, here they are 🙂

1. Animal Flow



Animal Flow is an awesome system of bodyweight exercise inspired by many disciplines and combined with animal movements.

Mike Fitch, who’s a super awesome, down-to-earth dude, is adamant that he did not “create” anything—he observed and combined disciplines, and mashed them together with animal movements.

While his promotional video may look a bit too intense for a beginner, Animal Flow is scaleable, and you can modify it to suit your needs. It’s definitely fun, and it’s definitely an intense workout.

Fitch also has several, excellent instructional videos for bodyweight exercises on his website, and they’re excellent. The best part? You can do the majority of these exercises anywhere, without any equipment. Give it a shot. I’ve personally taken a course with Mike (I’m a Certified Animal Flow Instructor), and can attest that this is an awesome, super fun workout.


2. Gold Medal Bodies Programs


woman on gymnastic rings; Photo by GMB Monkey on Unsplash


Gold Medal Bodies (also known as GMB) is a goldmine of information on everything bodyweight related. Their excellent programs focus on the basics so that you can achieve what they call “physical autonomy.” Going back to basics is awesome if you’ve been fed up with programs that don’t get results, or if you’re bored of the same old thing. Hubby and I have gone through “Elements,” and it’s an excellent program. Following GMB is not only fun, but it’ll also help you to become boss of your own body and fight pain. The skills you learn will transfer beautifully into your everyday life. Now that’s functional exercise.


3. Try the exercises on this website!


I sometimes provide workouts that you can do anywhere with little or no equipment. Check out this link for all exercise routines added so far


4. Make a commitment to increasing your activity—it doesn’t have to be complicated


5 ways to achieve your fittest year ever,


Make small changes that will help you to become a little more active every day. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking far away from entrances, choosing active transportation, and finding active hobbies in favour of sedentary ones can all help you take small steps to your fittest year ever.


5. If all else fails, dance wildly in your living room


Woman dancing with earphones on; Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash


If you have kids, dance parties can be an awesome way to have a tonne of fun while burning off some energy and getting more physical activity into your day. Putting on some loud upbeat tunes and dancing with the kids will help you get more active while helping you make great family memories.

No kids? No problem! Put on some tunes and dance wildly in your living room all by yourself. If there’s no one watching, then dance like it. And if there’s someone watching… ask them to join you 🙂

If you really do want to achieve your fittest year ever, make a plan to make it happen—and choose activities that will bring you joy. You’re much more likely to stick to activities that don’t bore you.

How do you plan on getting active in 2017?


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