Gingerbread Houses and Snuggles on Couches

Today was a great day.

We procrastinated (as usual) on getting our Christmas photos done, but we have a great photographer who turns in photos within a week of taking them, so we’ll still get them before Christmas. We started the day by getting ready for picture day, and I’m really excited to get the photos back later in the week. The kids looked so cute in their pretty outfits, and I even wore heels and make-up.

After picture day we came home, had lunch, and the kids had their naps. And I shamelessly napped for 20 minutes on the couch, too. A Mama’s gotta sleep.

Later in the day we snuggled on the couch and had tickle fights, and it was so wonderful to be there, fully in the moment, enjoying my little family.

In the evening we watched Jungle Book together and “built” a ginger-bread house (who am I kidding? We bought the  pre-built kind. Yeah. We live life on our terms and prioritize our time for the things that matters to us).

And now everyone’s asleep and I’m enjoying some wonderful silence.

Life is good.

What nice things happened for you today?

Thank you to Dream Big Printables for this post’s awesome image. Check out their great art!

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