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Two notebooks, a pen, and a leaf on a table. The cover of the top notebook says "today I am grateful." I will be writing a "week in review post" each Sunday, where I review both what I'm grateful for as well as the books we've read this week. Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

My Gratitude Practice: What I’m grateful for this week

This week, I’m grateful for a lot of things.

I was able to go on a 30-minute walk every single day this week. I prayed the rosary as I walked. Starting my days with God uplifts my spirit and helps me get through rough days. I also did my physiotherapy exercises every day after going for my walk, and I did my daily intention exercise (as shared by loveandlarock on Instagram).

I did notice that I was much more patient with the kids this week. Taking the time for myself each morning has really good rewards. All us mamas need to remember that self-care (in whatever form that takes for you) is not selfish. Replenishing our own buckets helps us to help others and be better caregivers.

I’m grateful for wonderful weather all week long, which gave me the opportunity to take my children to the swimming pool, where they were able to play with two of their cousins and I was able to chat with my sister-in-law.

I’m grateful for my kids’ excellent martial arts instructor, and that the kids are gaining confidence and learning discipline in a really supportive environment. I hope to find something similar when we return to Kingston.

I’m grateful for the beautiful building in which we’re living for the summer, where I have a place to go and write and be on my own but around other people at the same time. It’s very much like coworking, which I do miss. This lovely building also has a small movie theatre, and I’m grateful for being able to snuggle up to my oldest girl yesterday and have a private movie date, watching Inkheart (I recommend the book, too!)

I’m grateful for the opportunity to homeschool my children and watch them learn. I’m grateful for homeschooling resources that are free or low cost, and for having the opportunity to plan our curriculum for next year.

I’m grateful for having my websites and noticing that people are reading them. If what I write speaks to just one person, I’m perfectly content. 

I’m grateful for my new “wedding band,” and for celebrating 13 years of marriage to a man who’s everything I ever dreamed of in a husband (and more). I’m grateful that we were able to go to the movies and watch “Yesterday,” which is a lovely film. I’m grateful for the producers and the actors and all the people who aim to entertain and give us a break from reality.

I’m grateful for my daily time with God and for my daily time with my family. I’m grateful for so many things.

What are you grateful for this week?

Gratitude and books,

This week’s books

OK, I have to be honest: not too many new books this week. We’re still going through some of the books we checked out of the library last week, so I read some stories out of the “Animal BFFs” and the “Guiness Book of World Records: Wacky and Wild” to the kids. We’re also slowly making our way through The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

For myself, I’ve started reading Money Smart Kids by Gail Vaz-Oxlade. I was interested to see what she had to say about teaching finances to kids, since that’s something we’re concentrating on this coming school year. I hope to finish it this coming week, as it’s not a very big book, and I’ll update you next Sunday on what I think of it.

What books do you recommend?



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