Learning Gratitude

Learning gratitude can be hard, but it’s also liberating. In this section of the blog, I note down one nice thing I’m thankful for every single day (or so I try).

I tried in 2017, and it didn’t happen, but giving up “isn’t in my blood,” so I’m going to try again!

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Learning Gratitude; adding gratitude to everyday life; learning to find the silver linings

If you’re curious, here’s how this section of the blog began.

I wrote the text below when I first decided to create this section back in 2017. It’s all still true (except for the part where I was going to write in this section every day…)

I would have named this section of the blog “365 Awesome Things,” but someone already thought of something very similar to that. He was more awesome, though – he wrote down 1,000 awesome things. He wrote a a pretty awesome book, too. But I digress.

I saw this thing that went around on Facebook. It suggested that you start putting slips of paper into a jar. On each slip of paper would be the nice things that happened each day that year. I thought that was a great idea. Then my brother suggested I start a blog about all the nice things that happen. But I already have a blog, and since it’s not random enough yet, I decided to add another tab.

I also love a challenge, so I decided to challenge myself to create one short post every single day of 2017. Each post will be about something nice that happened that day. And trust me, no matter how bad a day gets, there’s always something nice that happened that day. Did you get to eat food? Nice thing. Did you get to drink clean water? Nice thing. There’s always something nice. Choosing happiness is a beautiful thing.

Posting here will serve two purposes: It will force me to blog everyday, which will create discipline around my blogging (dude, I totally need that). It will force me to see the positive in the every day. I’m a pretty optimistic person, but sometimes I get into these funks of complaining about crap that doesn’t really matter. So forcing myself to write down one nice ting every single day for 365 days will help me to keep up my positive, “no bad days” attitude.

Now, I’m not saying that I shouldn’t ever feel sad, angry, or that I shouldn’t allow myself to grieve. All those things are important, and ignoring all emotions in favour of happiness at any cost can actually be harmful to your health. We’re complex beings with complex emotions, and it’s important to feel all of them. But seeing the good in the world is good, too, and being happy most of the time is a sure nice way to live a fulfilling life. So look for this space in 2017 – I’ll be listing “All the nice things” here. No complaining (that’s for another section of the blog :p )