Before I became a professional writer, I worked for over 17 years in the health and wellness industry.



I started my journey as a wellness professional way back when I was 17—taking over and running an adult swimming lessons program at a YMCA, where I turned a dying class into a thriving program that needed to add time slots and create a waiting list.

One of my students sent me the picture below. This is a picture of her (bottom right) running her first triathlon. When she first came to my class, she didn’t know how to swim and had a fear of water. A year later, she was competing regularly in triathlons. I’m so happy that I could have a small part in helping her to accomplish this life goal.

The success I found in my YMCA job (my third job ever) encouraged me to keep working in fields where I could help people achieve their goals.

I later worked as a personal trainer at a gym and then as an entrepreneur, and finally, as a Kinesiologist running an exercise program for people with chronic health conditions. This program and the client handbook I created for it were so successful, they’re now in use at other health centers in Ontario.

I graduated from Physical and Health Education (with a dual Bachelor of Arts degree) from Queen’s University in 2006, and although I’m no longer working in the health field, I used the knowledge I gained in that program and my experience as a health professional on a daily basis. I later earned a post-graduate degree in Education, and I use the experience I earned in that program in my day-to-day homeschooling life.

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I combine my passion for health, lifelong learning, education, and writing into a thriving business where I ghostwrite blog posts for health-related companies, and I have a blast doing it. I also get paid to write about several other topics, because niching just isn’t for me.

If you’re interested in reading more about health, be sure to click here and click back on it regularly. But before you start reading my materials about health, you should know this:

I’m passionate about healthy living, but I don’t subscribe to all-or-nothing thinking on the health front (that’s one of the many reasons I left the wellness industry).

I enjoy food and don’t believe in diets and I love to keep active in many different ways (bodyweight training being my favourite). The most important thing I can tell anyone about nutrition and exercise is this: every body is different, and one way of eating or one way of exercising could never possibly work for every person on the planet (or even for similar people on the planet!). Listen to your body, love your body, move your body, and eat the things you enjoy, in moderation. Be healthy, be active, be happy 🙂