Homeschooling: Teaching Kids About Money

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I’m starting (perhaps a wee bit late) to prep our homeschool lessons for the upcoming school year. First things first: I must remember to send our letter of intent this year. Second things second, I like creating my own curriculum, as that was my favourite thing when I was still a school teacher. Creating lesson plans is definitely part of the fun of teaching for me. I figured I might as well share my curriculum with you guys! This year, I’m doing a “home economics” curriculum, and one of its main features will be teaching kids about money management.

Teaching Kids About Money at Multiple Ages

Money Management Homeschooling Unit on

I have three kids ages 9, 7, and 5, so although it’ll be a bit challenging, I’m going to try and create a multi-age curriculum that we can all do together (and perhaps revisit more than just this school year).

The main things I’ll have my kiddos do with the Money Management unit is to learn about wants versus needs, the three things you can do with money (donate, save, and spend), and how to create and stick to a budget. We’ll also review how they can earn an income and reinforce the “extra chores for pay” concept we created together earlier this year. I may get them to help me create a Chores for Pay board or chart as well. 

Our culminating activity for this unit will be creating a budget, and then we’ll continue to review “how to earn an income,” as we don’t give out allowances at our house. We’ll also finish the unit with copying some money vocabulary words and explaining, in the kids’ own words, what they mean. For the younger kids, we’ll do this verbally.

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