Karaoke + complete shamelessness = awesomeness




Yesterday, Thursday, December 16th, 2016, I made a fool out of myself at karaoke, and I had a complete blast doing it. The singing was terrible and not in sync with the music, but the performance made up for it.

I wore a long dress, a sweater, a blanket around me like a cape, a single winter mitten, and a blinged headband around my head like a crown. Then I sang “Let it go” with all the actions – yep, including throwing the glove, “cape,” “crown,” and switching from my “winter dress” to my nice gown (I took off the sweater to reveal a long halter-top dress underneath. The crowd was super into it, and I had so much fun.

I had plans to then go up and sing Indestructible by Disturbed in camouflage shorts and an “Army” shirt, but they didn’t have the song. No problem; though! I went up and sang Prayer by Disturbed instead. Did a much better job with that then with Let it Go, and the karaoke dude must be a fan, because I could hear him singing along from the other side of the bar.

Then I convinced a friend (Andrew) to go up with me and sing “It’s my life,” by Bon Jovi. It was like our own personal mini-concert. The audience was so into it, cheering us on and singing along. It was awesome. I love karaoke, I love performing, and I had a total blast last night. The best part? I was completely sober through all of it. I’m high on life, man! Also had a great conversation with Andrew (a friend from sports night) about how the song we sang together is so true for real life. Grab life by the horns and live it on your terms. Don’t let your past dictate your future. Forge new paths. But never forget your roots.

The karaoke night was part of the Kingston Sport and Social Club (KSSC)’s end-of-year party. I’ve made some wonderful friends playing “all sorts of sports” and hanging out at a pub afterward with these folks. I’ve been to some great parties and I feel like I’m connected to the world outside of childcare a little more. I love my children, I love homeschooling, and I’m privileged to have the opportunity to be home with them. Having said that, I’m a very social person, and I do need to have adult conversations – preferably uninterrupted – on a regular basis. I’ve learned this about myself, and I have no shame in taking my one night off a week. It’s great fun, and I’m fortunate to have a husband who supports me and encourages me to have a vibrant social life (as vibrant as it can be with 3 children 6 and under).

And that’s my nice things for Friday night 🙂 What nice thing happened for you today?

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