Marathon, Texas

Title image: "Marathon, Texas, Gage Gardens, Background photo: Trees to the right of a pathway in Gage Gardens, Marathon, Texas.

The town is small and the streets are narrow, but we soon arrive at the main attraction, and it makes the stop worth it.

Pinterest title image: "Running Free at Gage Gardens, Marathon, Texas, Background picture: a fountain under a wrought-iron canopy, surrounded by tall, narrow pine trees.


With only 470 inhabitants, Marathon, Texas may not be on every Texas traveller’s list. But if you’re travelling to the McDonald Observatory, Marathon is on the way, and it’s well worth a stop for Gage Gardens alone.


A small section of Gage Garden in Marathon, Texas. In the middle stands a fountain, surrounded by tall, narrow pine trees. A wrought iron canopy stands above and around the fountain.


The pebbles around the fountain look like a miniature sea, and the tall, narrow pine trees that encircle the display perfectly frame the entrance gates. K-girl immediately runs to the fountain, sits down, and looks at me expectantly. She doesn’t say a word, but I know she wants me to take a photo. And so I do.


A girl is sitting in front of a fountain. The fountain has blue pebbles around it, and tall, narrow pine tress encircle the display. A gate to the garden can be seen in the distance.


The sky is nearly cloudless, and the sun shines brightly. But the wind is strong, and it ruffles her hair as she laughs, filling my ears with the sound of a childhood I will forever treasure watching unfold before my eyes. M-girl is enjoying every minute of running in this open space, and I’m enjoying watching her.


A 4-year-old girl is standing in a field under a blue sky that's almost devoid of clouds. Her hair is flying about her face. She is wearing white and black pants that say "Nike" on them, and a striped white and black blouse. The field is in Gage Gardens in Marathon, Texas.


He runs back and forth and in and out of garden spaces, not taking much time to really observe the plants. But he’s obviously happy here, and that’s all that matters.


A boy walks out of a garden. Behind hi is a fountain under a wrought iron canopy. The fountain is surrounded by tall, narrow pine trees.


After walking through the whole garden and around the pathway, we get in some play and exercise.


A father holds up a 4-year old girl over the pull up bars at Gage Gardens in Marathon, Texas. A 6-year-old boy is playing beside them.


We end our visit with a break at the picnic area.


A mother and three children (a girl, 4 years old, a boy, 6 years old, and another girl, 8 years old) sit at a table outdoors at Gage Gardens in Marathon, Texas. The table is made of cement but is made to look like it is made out of wood.


We enjoyed our visit to Marathon, and I think one day, when the kids are older, I may return here to spend a few days (or maybe a few weeks) and write. It’s an inspiring place. I might even stay at Gage Hotel the next time I come.


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