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The Huffington Post 

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I also blog here about all kinds of stuff – true to my scanner/multipotentialite nature.

But before I stopped ignoring the naysayers and took on writing as a viable career, I did many things…

I’ve sold pizza at a fast-food restaurant, I’ve sold men’s clothing, I’ve engraved metal and glass, I’ve called up people and asked them for money, I’ve worked as an administrative assistant in an engineering office and an education office, I’ve been a lifeguard, I’ve taught swimming lessons to adults, I’ve been a teacher, I’ve lead active games classes for little kids, and I spent seven years in the Canadian Navy. I’m sure I’m forgetting something.


Through all of this, there was always a notebook hiding in my backpack or purse, and there was always a Microsoft Word document open along with all the other work I was doing on the computer.

There was always me, writing about something that just popped into my head. And there was also giving interviews about things I was passionate about, without even thinking about the fact that this could make my “impossible dream” come true.

I was featured on LifeHacker and didn’t even think about how that could have served me well as a writer. Because back then, I was drinking the kool-aid. I’d just accepted, without questioning, the “fact” that writing wasn’t a feasible career. I’ve since changed my mind on that, of course. Here are some places I was featured, pre dream-chasing, talking about the things I used to do before I became a writer. I still do most of these things, of course. The focus has just shifted now. Now I say that I’m a writer and speaker who happens to dance and teach exercise in my spare time.

Here are some places I was featured, pre-dream chasing:

Life Hacker

Real World Weight Loss


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I blogged about home life, homeschooling, healthy marriages, and more here, but I’ll soon be amalgamating the two blogs.

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