My Mess Threshold: When Chaos Makes You Anxious

Chaos can make you anxious – even if you’re someone who’s used to chaos.

Creative people tend to have a reputation for being messy and disorganized. Until very recently, I didn’t fit the mold for that stereotype. I used to be a hyper-organized person. I even spent 7 years as a military clerk. You can’t get much more organized than a military administrative professional. But having children changed everything. It’s much harder to be organized when there’s several people in a household and where there are a million things that all have to get done at once. I went from hyper-organized to hyper-messy. And, because I’m brave (or stupid), I’ve decided to let you in on my dirty little secret: I’m a messy person. And I’m even going to let you in on how messy I’ve really become. Despite my attempts to have my most organized year ever, my house currently looks like this:












I am, however, extremely unhappy with this mess. It’s one of the reasons I’m dying to sell the house and everything in it, and hit the road permanently. That, and the fact that I’m bored out of my mind with a routine that I never really wanted to have in the first place. Routine is the death of creativity, and I’m feeling trapped after 8 years in the same house. But that’s a post for another day.

Although I’ve become a messy person, I’m not happy as one. I enjoy living in a clean and organized home – but who’s got the time? I often have to pick between cooking dinner and cleaning, because when you homeschool and have a business on the side, time is a very limited resource.

This mess, though, has become too much. I have a mess threshold. When I get to that threshold, I get anxious. I’ve reached that point, and I’m on the verge of an anxiety attack because of this mess. So today, I took a huge bag of donations to the thrift store. And I’m setting myself a goal to clean up this mess and purge this house in its entirety by the end of April. I’ll even share pictures of what it looks like after I’ve dealt with the mess.

How about you? Will you tackle your mess this month? Do you have the guts to share a before picture? Let’s see them in the comments!


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