Mojave National Preserve, California

They run up and down the very small hill, delighting in a simple pleasure of childhood. 

Three children running down a small hill in front of a motorhome.


Across the tiny hill, majestic mountains, unique in appearance, stand. These rocks are awe-inspiring, and this is the perfect place for running into your mama’s arms.


4-year-old girl running towards her mother's outstretched arms. The picture was taken on an angle.

Rock mountains at Mojave National Preserve


And to take a silly photo.


father and three children posing in front of mountains at the mojave national preserve


The Mojave National Preserve’s unique scenery is a beauty to behold, and the sand dunes would have been an incredible experience.

Alas, the Commander isn’t quite up for the very, very bumpy road that leads to the dunes… and my injured feet probably couldn’t take walking in them anyhow. But there is a big silver lining: injured feet are perfect for sitting down and reading a story, and the Kelso Depot Visitor Center in the Mojave National Preserve offers  a space for just that.


A mother holds her 4-year-old daughter to read her a book They are both looking at the camera.


The small library in the upstairs part of the Visitor Center is quite lovely, and offers several children’s books, as well as coffee table books with beautiful photographs of the desert and of the railroads. In the downstairs portion of the building, the children learn about desert animal tracks, the plants that thrive in the desert, and they get to try sitting on a saddle.


Girl sitting on a saddle at Mojave National Preserve Visitor Center


girl on saddle at Mojave National Preserve Kelso Depot Visitor Center

boy on saddle at Mojave National Preserve Kelso Depot Visitor Center

We enjoyed the visitor center and the view, but we didn’t do any hiking. It was cold, and my toes were still really sore. One day, I’d like to return and see more of this area, especially the sand dunes. The hiking in Mojave National Preserve looks incredible (when your feet permit you to do it).

Mojave Nataional Preserve with kids

Our first day in California was lovely, and we’re looking forward to seeing more of the Golden State‘s wonderful natural beauty.

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