Museums, Cousins, Beaches and Farms (Port Hope & Newcastle)

Beaches, Museums, and Awesome Hosts

After leaving our wonderful hosts in Cobourg, we made our way to Port Hope, where we met up with my hubby’s parents and our niece and nephew. We had a little picnic at the beach, and the kids enjoyed some playtime at the playground.

On our way to the beach, we had noticed the “Firefighter’s Museum,” which I had never even known existed. So, after hanging out at the beach for a while, we decided to take the kids there. It’s a really neat museum showing the history of the firefighting trade in Canada. Entrance is by donation, and the person behind the counter is a volunteer. There were lots of artifacts and interesting things, as well as some really fun stuff for the kids. If seeing an antique firetruck wasn’t cool enough, there was even a little firefighting chariot that the kids can ride—and it’s free.

After hanging out for a bit at the museum, we had some food, and then headed to Newcastle. That was a very hilly route compared to what we were used to up until then, and it was hard work, but also a lot of fun on the down parts.

Fire fighting museum, port hope, cycle touring with kids

When we got close to our destination at Newcastle, our oldest girl had to use the washroom. Dan noticed what looked like a yard sale, so he figured he’d stop in and ask to use the facilities. While I waited for Dan and K-girl to come back, G-boy, M-girl and I walked around and looked through the yard sale – it was huge! Apparently it’s a weekly thing they do at that farm. A lot of folks asked about our bikes and setup, and it was fun to tell them about our adventure.

After using the facilities, we went on our way to our host’s place. We found our host in Newcastle via Warm Showers, and this lovely couple offered us their yard for camping, as well as use of the washroom facilities. They had a beautiful dog that the kids loved to pat and play with. There was also a huge field where no seeds had been planted yet, so the kids had free reign to play as they pleased there, and once again we saw their creativity soar.

We stopped at a grocery store and grabbed a “grab and go” meal and had a mini-feast with our hosts outside on some nice picnic benches. We got to see a super cool spider web full of spider babies. Super neat. After dinner, we set up our tents, gave the kids a bath, and settled in for the night. In the morning our hosts offered us tea, and we posed for a picture. It was another great day on our adventure.

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