Perdido Kid’s Park & Pensacola Public Library

Playgrounds and Libraries in Florida, Picture of three children playing at Perdido Kids Park.

After visiting the Naval Aviation Museum, we get on the road towards the library, so I can have some time to work. On route, Dan sees a sign for Perdido Kids’ Park, and he decides to make the turn. We’re happy we did.


Playgrounds and Libraries. Learning and having fun in Florida, Picture of two girls on play equipment at a playground.


The playground is a castle where imaginations can be set free. Whether children are pretending to be knights or princesses in the tower or pilots in the wooden jets, they truly enjoy this beautiful playground.


Perdido Kid's Park


In addition to plenty of places to ignite their imaginations, like any good playground, opportunities for physical activity abound. The climbing wall is fun, and the climbing rope square is both fun as well as challenging. Here, kids can climb, work on their balance skills, and get active, all while having fun and not even realizing that they’re working on their gross motor skills.


Climbing wall at Perdido Kid's Park. The wall is painted with airplanes.


And if the climbing walls are a little too much for the little ones, there’s a space in the playground especially for them: the “Tot Lot.”


Perdido Kid's Park Tot Lot


As the children continue their playground exploration, my eyes shift to the small plot to the right of the play space. Here, a beautiful garden stands, and it’s evident that the gardening club thought of every detail: not just about where to plant each specimen, but also the small touches to decorate their surroundings.


Perdido Kid's Park Garden


I smile as I notice something else in the garden: a small free library (take a book, leave a book). There are books for children as well as adults, and these small free libraries always put a smile on my face. In the end, we forget all about the book exchange—the kids are having too much fun in the playground. But in our house (even on this house on wheels), it’s never too long before we get more books.

Pensacola Public Library

After the children have spent most of their energy, it’s time to head to the library. The space is small, but the library is well organized and clean. The love of quilts is once again evident as you enter this space.


quilt at pensacola public library

Quilt at Pensacola Public Library


The children’s area of the library is lovely, having been set up as a castle. The kids have lots of fun as they serve tea to the many stuffed animals, and they read plenty of books as well.

Pensacola Public Library Childrens area


Before we leave, something catches my attention. Here at the library, you can borrow seeds for planting. I’m not entirely sure how borrowing seeds works, but it’s still pretty neat to have these available for patrons.


Seed Library at Pensacola Public Library


This library felt a little small for me, but we still enjoyed our time here. One of my favourite things about this trip is getting to know all these different libraries, big and small.

What’s your favourite thing about the library?

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