Quick Snacks that Work

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As most of you know, my family and I are on a big adventure this year—we’re travelling all over Canada and the U.S. with our 3 kiddos. We left Kingston, Ontario, on August 29th, and we’ve been having a blast exploring Canada ever since.

We try not to drive for too long at each go, but sometimes long drives are inevitable. And you know what keeps kids super happy on long drives? Lots of things, but especially awesome snacks. This is real life, though, so you know I’m not going to sit here and give you an elaborate recipe. Here’s what has worked for us in real life so far.

Quicky Snacks that Work for Life on the Road, www.marianamcdougall.com

1. Find the favourite fruit that’s not overly messy.

My kiddos love kiwis. And while we’re sitting down at the table, that’s a great snack, but on their seats while the vehicle is moving… not so much. All the kids love apples, though, so that’s become a staple “on the go” snack. Apples are easy and almost mess-free (they’re kids, folks… there’ll always be a way to make a mess). Add a cheese string of cheese slice and you’ve got a nutritious snack that’ll keep them full for a while. And having wet wipes handy works wonders for any small messes.

2. Find a somewhat healthy snack bar

Most snack bars are full of junk, and making your own? Ain’t nobody got time for that. OK, OK, I did make my own bars… back when I was home, not travelling full time, and not working full time while I travelled. Of course, making your own from scratch is almost always best, health-wise. But on the road, packaged food has its place. One of my favourite bars that’s fairly healthy is Lara Bars. 

3. Foods that pack well

You can also do some prep work ahead of time for some snacks that pack well. If your kiddos must have that kiwi or orange slice while you’re on the road, it’s best to cut these foods up ahead of time and have them in an easy to handle container.

What are your tips for quick snacks on the go?

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