Rail Trails Are Great Fun!

After our lovely time in Hamilton, we headed out to Brantford via the Hamilton-Brantford Rail-Trail.

It was a gorgeous trail, and we got to see some horses during a portion of it. The kids also made friends with a  little caterpillar that hung out on daddy’s vest for a while, then on K-girl’s arm.

K-girl collected daisies especially for Vo Bia.

We decided to stay at a hotel in Brantford, since it was Maya’s birthday. We got to celebrate with a little dip in the pool and take-out dinner. We had a good time.

We also stopped at a conservation area and the kids got to enjoy some displays.

I was amazed at this gorgeous painting, which looks like a photograph until you get really close to it.

We had a snack and then headed out again. It was a good ride. 

cycle touring with kids on Ontario's Rail Trails


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