RVing with kids: Our First Weekend!

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RVing with kids: our very first weekend!

So, after getting our hands on an awesome 32′ RV for an incredibly good price, we summerized it with the help of the previous owner, packed a few things, and headed out on our first micro-adventure. We decided to stay close to home for our first weekend out in the RV, and headed to the Mallorytown KOA, just under an hour away from Kingston, Ontario, where we currently live.

It was a very nice little campground, but it was cold! And of course we didn’t pack any winter gear (because it’s supposed to be spring… just a lil’ reminder, Mother Nature…) We did have lots of blankets with us, and a space heater in the RV, so we were warm enough. And it warmed right up the next day—enough for the girls to enjoy the heated outdoor pool. G-boy had an issue with his foot, so he couldn’t go in. He’s all better now, though 🙂

Mallorytown KOA heated outdoor pool; RVing with kids on www.marianamcdougall.com

The campground had a cute little playground, a pet playground, a nice small outdoor heated pool, which is new this year, an arcade, and a small restaurant/canteen.

The folks next to us had truly mastered the art of bringing their house on the road with them, and were all set up with an outdoor movie theatre, a couple of tall plants, and lots of comfort-making things. They were lovely enough to share their fire with us, so we didn’t build one the first night, and our kids and theirs made fast friends with one another.

We all had fun and slept well in our first couple of nights in the RV. I’m looking forward to the next micro-adventure (and a big one, too!)

We were planning several mini-trips with the RV this spring and summer, but unfortunately, a medical emergency put a wrench in our plans. I’ll be writing a post about that soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I want to know: have you ever RV’d before? What are the must-visit RV parks you’d recommend in Canada and/or the US? Let me know in the comments below!

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