Salton Sea

The Salton Sea is a very unique place, and to me, it was worth visiting. While some will warn you away from coming here for this exact reason, I was fascinated with this “sand,” which isn’t sand at all.

The Salton Sea and the "sand" that's actually broken barnacle shells.


They’re actually barnacle shells. We were glad it was a colder day and that we had worn our shoes. I imagine stepping on these barefoot wouldn’t be too pleasant.


A hand holding barnacle shells.


There definitely is a bit of smell here, but we saw some cool birds, and the scenery was beautiful. It’s not a place I’d necessarily return to, but I’m glad we stopped by.


birds in a tide pool at the Salton Sea


And there was a highlight, too. K-girl found “Maui’s hook” at the Salton Sea.


Girl holds up a dead branch in the shape of Maui's hook. Behind her are rocks, the Salton Sea, and mountains.


The kids really enjoyed climbing on the rocks, too.


boy and birl climbing rocks at the salton sea


And we enjoyed the photo ops on a beautifully clear day.


Man standing on a rock and taking a cell phone photo of the Salton Sea.

We only spent a short time here, but we learned some important facts about this saline lake‘s complicated history

After the Salton Sea, we stopped at Old Fogey hot springs. It’s quite a small pool, but it was lovely to have a dip. I don’t have any pictures of that area, because there were a lot of people there, and it was awkward to take photos.

We’re enjoying California so far, and look forward to heading up the coast soon.




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