San Diego Eats & Dan meets his idol

We found plenty of free things to do in San Diego and surrounding areas, which means we had a little money in the budget for a treat dinner. So, while Dan went to meet his idol, I took the kids to dinner. 

Dan’s been listening to the Jocko Podcast for a while now, and it was from this podcast that he got the idea to try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). When we were back in Kingston, Dan joined a (now defunct) local gym and really got interested in the training, which he enjoyed.

I kind of laugh that my Canadian husband is more Brazilian than me. I don’t enjoy coffee, don’t follow soccer, don’t know how to samba. My husband does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and makes the best pudim de leite condensado I’ve ever tasted (sorry, mom!). But I digress (I do that a lot).


Classsics Malt Shop in San Diego keeps it simple with delicious burgers, fries, and more. The customer service is great, and the price is right. Check them out at the Point Loma Plaza in San Diego, California. Pinterest blog title image shows a stock photo image of a hamburger with the words overlayed on top of the image: Great Eats in San Diego,

Jocko Willink has a BJJ gym in San Diego, so as we passed through the area, Dan decided to pay the one-time fee to train at the gym. He didn’t get a picture with Jocko, but he’s happy he go to meet him in person, however briefly. 

While Dan was at the gym, I took the kids out to dinner at a cool diner we only know about because of one of Jocko’s books.

Jocko has written several books, two of which are for children. Dan has read both of them aloud to the kids, and in Way of the Warrior Kid,” we learned about Classics Malt Shop. Since it’s near Victory MMA, while Dan trained there, the kids and I had a treat dinner.

Mariana stands beside the owner of Classics Malt Shop in San Diego.

K-girl and G-boy had burgers while M-girl had chicken strips, and I had the veggie burger. The food was pretty delicious and the owner was very friendly. I also love the vibe of the place, with the checkered floor, bar stools, and booths. And considering it’s in San Diego, I thought it was pretty reasonably priced.

Don’t bother searching for their website, though. Classics Malt Shop keeps it simple by concentrating on the food and the customer service, and it shows. Just drive over to the Point Loma Plaza at 3625 Midway Drive and go eat some delicious food.

And if you’re interested in learning more about waking up early so your day is more productive, teaching kids resilience, and learning “extreme ownership,” check out the Jocko Podcast.


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