Six Flags Fiesta Texas

The line is long, but the wait is worth it. The Iron Rattler is a big roller coaster and has a great drop, and K-girl and G-boy are both tall enough to ride it. K-girl loves it (and I do too, of course—if you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you probably already know I love most roller coasters). 

Six Flags Fiesta Texas,, picture of ferris wheel at night


The iron rattler seems like a big ride for a little kid, but G-boy is excited to go on it. When it’s over, he says “it was fun! But it was tooooo crazy.”

The day is colder than expected, so there aren’t too many people in the park. We enjoy the decorations, including the “snowmen…” well, the styrofoam-men. The big ornament at the entrance is a favourite with almost everyone who visits the park, and at night, Christmas lights brighten up the park everywhere you look.


Six Flags Fiesta Texas Christmas decorations


Mother holding daughter in her lap in front of ornament at Six Flags Fiesta Texas Holiday in the Park


Six Flags Fiesta Texas Christmas decorations


All of us enjoy Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and go on many rides together. A favourite with our whole family is the “boardwalk,” a section of the park that feels like the Fall Fair back home, with kid-friendly rides and a carnival atmosphere.

In the Wave Runner, we make conversation with a couple, who look like they’re not handling the cold too well. The girl says she’s jealous of our jackets, hats and mittens, and I joke that we’re Canadian, so we’re always prepared for the cold. While waiting for the ride to start, we tell her about the trip.

After what is, in my opinion, the most fun family ride at this park, the lady catches up with us and asks if we’re headed to Arizona. When we say yes, she tells us to look up her parents in the Phoenix area, as they have a hobby farm with goats and other fun things for the kids. We exchange information, and they head off to warm up.

It’s small moments like this that make me love travelling. Random connections to people who share our love for travelling and for welcoming travellers, for meeting people and learning their stories, for sharing their passion for the foods and culture of various places. And of course, roller coasters. That’s almost as good a reason to travel as any.

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