Super Long Wait Times = Lots of Work Done (I love silver linings)

Today I am hyper-excited about super long waiting times at the after-hours clinic. Whereas normally this might be a source of frustration for many, I’ve made a commitment to write every single day. 500 words is my minimum, but I intend on writing a lot more each day. I’ve got about 3 hours with absolutely nothing to do but wait. Good thing I thought of bringing my laptop! I’m making some awesome progress on my blog and on other writing endeavours.
I’m also at the clinic more as a precaution than anything, and as I result, I don’t feel anxious about being here – another nice thing.

I’m here because yesterday I took a tumble on the ice and hurt my elbow. Whereas I still have full ROM, there’s a sizeable bump on my ulna, and I’m pretty sore pretty much from my shoulder down to my pinky finger. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong, but considering how often I ignore pain and how much damage that has done in the past, I figured I’d rather be safe than sorry. I’m pretty sure I’ll have another nice thing to write about, ‘cause I’m sure my elbow is fine.

With all this time on my hands, I’m finally getting caught up on our cycling adventure posts. I went on this awesome adventure with my family this summer, and I had fully intended to blog about it as it happened, but it didn’t happen. I still want to record our adventures, though, so I’m writing post-trip, and I think that’s OK. With all this time on my hands, I’ve already written two posts about the trip – which are counting towards my daily writing goals – another nice thing. Also, since I lost my journal from the trip (I have absolutely no idea where I left it, but it’s more than likely somewhere very far away from where I live), I have to look at all the pictures of the trip to remind me of what happened each day. I love looking at pictures, so I’m in a little bit of heaven in this very long wait at the doctor’s office. I love silver linings 🙂

The other nice thing is that today our neighbour’s daughter, who’s back in town from university, babysat for a bit so I could get some heavy housework done. I finally pulled out the stove and fridge and cleaned up all the crud behind there. Man, does stuff accumulate in those spots! It’s all nice and clean now, and that makes me happy.
I continue to slowly purge my house, re-organize, and deep-clean everything, which is awesome, because I’ll be ready for my Clothing and Small Items Exchange on February 18th. I’ve decided to celebrate “Second-hand wardrobe week” by having this exchange at my place, and I’ve invited my “Buy Nothing” peeps and some other folks. It’s going to be a blast.
Lots of great things to report today. How about you? What nice things happened for you today?

Thanks to Dream Big Printables for this post’s beautiful image. Check out their great art.

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