Swing Dancing and Old Friends

Roughly 16 years ago, I met my husband at the University of Western Ontario’s swing dance club, Swing Kids. Roughly two years before that, way back in 1999, my brother had dragged me to a swing dancing event at Chicago’s Willowbrook Ballroom (well, sort of Chicago. Close enough). I reluctantly went, sure that 1930’s dancing would be extremely boring. In my defense, I was 17 at the time, and knew absolutely nothing about swing dancing. Well, to my surprise, it was great fun, and I was hooked right away. How could you not be, when you got to take a lesson to learn how to dance and then got to dance with pretty much everyone – and to a live band, no less!

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Friends and Babysitters – there’s a lot to be thankful for!

All the nice things!

I’ve made a commitment to write “all the nice things” that happen each day of 2017. I figured, why wait? So here I am, writing about the nice things that happened on Friday, December 16th, 2017.

Yesterday, my neighbour’s daughter returned from her first semester at university in North Carolina. She’s a talented golfer and she’s adjusting well to being a student athlete at the post-secondary level. It’s so weird… we met her when she was 10, and now she’s at university. How time flies. She used to babysit for us casually, and she contacted us before coming home to ask if she could babysit the kids again, because she missed them. I thought that was really sweet.

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