Wanna sell more stuff? Offer gift wrapping.

I used to always be on time for everything, and procrastination was never part of my vocabulary. Then I had kids. Everything changed. Now I’m frequently late and I tend to leave things to the last minute. But I’m working on it, and I’m certainly getting better. For now, I’m thankful for services that help people like me. Although I seriously procrastinated on some Christmas gift-purchasing, I didn’t have to worry about running out of time to do wrapping. I think Mastermind Toys gets some serious business because of their free gift wrapping year-round. But here’s a little known fact: Chapters also provides gift wrapping – you just have to go to the children’s area. They’ll wrap anything purchased in store. So, today’s nice thing is free gift wrapping for the procrastinators, lazy, non-crafty, harried, busy, or all of the above.

Another nice thing: homeschooling friends. Today the kids played all day at their friends’ house while I got some work done. Tomorrow friends from New Zealand are coming for a playdate before heading back home – they were here for 6 months, and it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long! It’s so nice for the kids to have friennds that they can play with anytime.

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Gingerbread Houses and Snuggles on Couches

Today was a great day.

We procrastinated (as usual) on getting our Christmas photos done, but we have a great photographer who turns in photos within a week of taking them, so we’ll still get them before Christmas. We started the day by getting ready for picture day, and I’m really excited to get the photos back later in the week. The kids looked so cute in their pretty outfits, and I even wore heels and make-up.

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