Long-Term RV Travel Mistakes

Long-Term RV Travel Mistakes: What We’d do Differently


During our wonderful year of RV travel with kids, we did lots of things right, but we also made some mistakes that we wish we’d thought about before we left. Here are some of the things we’ll do differently if we long-term travel with our kids again.

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Libraries galore from Idaho to Alberta

Catching up after a break

You may have noticed the distinct lack of posts for the last week and a bit. After finishing my Mind Maps for Freelance Success book, I took a mini vacation of sorts. I didn’t have any articles due this past week, so I turned off the early alarm, slept in, and enjoyed our visits with friends and family (details to follow in the next post). I’m now back at work until we return home, at which point I’ll be taking a break from freelancing, most unfortunately. But there’s a time for everything, I guess.

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Apache Junction, Arizona

They squeal in delight as they spot the castle, and run towards it, despite requests to “walk, please” from us. A whole castle inside a library—it’s too hard to contain the excitement. They explore the area fully, and K-girl is happy to explain who the elf on the wall is. She also spots the magic mirror on the wall, and G-boy doesn’t waste any time in going to explore the second storey.

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