Alone Time and a Full Fridge – Who Could Ask for More?


Yesterday, Sunday, December 18th, was a good day. Because our youngest (M-girl, who’s 2) had thrown up the night before, we decided to keep her home from church. We’re pretty sure it was just something that she ate that didn’t agree with her, but better safe than sorry in a church full of much older sisters. Well, the problem was that I was on for reading yesterday, so I couldn’t skip out. I also could’t bring my older two with me to church, because there’d be no one to watch them when I went up for my reading/did the processions with the book. So off to church I went, all by my lonesome self. Hubby stayed home to watch the kiddos.

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Gingerbread Houses and Snuggles on Couches

Today was a great day.

We procrastinated (as usual) on getting our Christmas photos done, but we have a great photographer who turns in photos within a week of taking them, so we’ll still get them before Christmas. We started the day by getting ready for picture day, and I’m really excited to get the photos back later in the week. The kids looked so cute in their pretty outfits, and I even wore heels and make-up.

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