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Homeschooling Resource List – Early Childhood


In my attempt to get my house purged and cleaned out, I’ve been running across some old stuff that I had written down a long time ago, that I didn’t have time to do anything with, and that is actually pretty useful.

When I was first researching homeschooling (a long, long time ago), I wrote down a list of resources I wanted to check out for Early Childhood Education. Then I forgot all about that list, and used different resources instead. I still haven’t tried most of these, because I found other resources that are serving my needs. I think I’ll still check some of them out, though, considered I still have a kindergartener and a preschooler.

Have you tried any of these resources? If so, could you leave a comment letting me know what you think? Thanks!

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Awesome out-of-the-box families who inspire us

If you follow he blog, you know that my family and I went on a big adventure this summer. We cycled from Kingston, ON (where we currently live) to London, ON – a 557 Km cycling trip along beautiful Lake Ontario and highway 2. For some, our decision to hit the road on bicycles with three very young kids may look like a mid-life crisis, but really, it’s more like a mid-life awakening. Wait, actually, it’s not a mid-life anything, since I intend on living to 100, and thus, I’m nowhere near mid-life just yet. But I digress.

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