Hands Off Our Elephants

Help Keep Hands Off Our Elephants

Ever since coming home from our adventure, it’s been hard to motivate myself to write much about travel on the blog. To be sure, I’m working on compiling our experiences into a travel memoir, but writing about travel here is a whole other thing.

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Canada’s Wonderland with Kids: What Not to Miss

What to check out and what to skip when visiting Canada’s Wonderland with young kids

I LOVE roller coasters. And I have always loved them since I was tall enough to ride them. There’s just something about that adreline rush when you know chances of actually getting hurt on these thing is really, really low. Not that accidents on roller coasters never happen, but you’re safer on a roller coaster than driving in a car. And still, that adrenaline rush is still there, and roller coasters do some pretty interesting things to your body that are kind of fun! After I went to Canada’s Wonderland all by myself for my annual weekend off, I kept thinking that my oldest daughter would probably love going there. The little ones would probably enjoy the kids’ area, too. So naturally, I made plans for a road trip.

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Couchsurfing & Warm Showers Are Awesome

This past weekend, we hosted another set of couchsurfers. We love Couchsurfing, although people unfamiliar with this mode of travelling probably think we’re nuts. In its simplest terms, couchsurfing means staying with locals when you travel to different places. But it’s so much more than that. Couchsurfing has allowed us to travel the world while staying put, to forge friendships with people who we’d never have met otherwise, to open our minds to the great wide world and to continue to live out our “what goes around comes around” philosophy.

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