The Best Exercise

the best exercise everyone should be doing;, photo of white lace up shoes on red background Photo by Christian Chen on Unsplash

What is the best exercise everyone should be doing?

The best kind of exercise isn’t one single activity.

Anyone who’s known me since my personal training days knows that I don’t fit into the all-or-nothing thinking that plagues the industry. We all know that bodies are so diverse that there simply isn’t one diet that could work for every body on the planet, and the same goes for exercise. But there is one type of exercise that everyone should definitely be doing. Ready for it?

The Best Exercise Everyone Should Be Doing,, person walking in black shoes, Photo by Marcus Wallis on Unsplash
The best exercise everyone should be doing is the one they enjoy and that works best for them. -click to tweet

Whether ultra marathons make you happy, or HIIT exercise floats your boat, whether lifting heavy things puts a smile on your face  (and leaves your spine intact), or yoga centers you, the trick is to find the exercise that you enjoy (and therefore will stick to).

Exercise shouldn’t feel like a chore; it should make you happy and have you feeling strong. Try different kinds of exercise and find the one that works for you. And remember to discuss any new exercise program with a doctor, registered kinesiologist, or certified physiologist, especially if you have health conditions that can be impacted by exercise.

What’s your favourite type of exercise?

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