Museums, Cousins, Beaches and Farms (Port Hope & Newcastle)

After leaving our wonderful hosts in Cobourg, we made our way to Port Hope, where we met up with my hubby’s parents and our niece and nephew. We had a little picnic at the beach, and the kids enjoyed some playtime at the playground.

On our way to the beach, we had noticed the “Firefighter’s Museum,” which I had never even known existed. So, after hanging out at the beach for a while, we decided to take the kids there. It’s a really neat museum showing the history of the firefighting trade in Canada. Entrance is by donation, and the person behind the counter is a volunteer. There were lots of artifacts and interesting things, as well as some really fun stuff for the kids. If seeing an antique firetruck wasn’t cool enough, there was even a little firefighting chariot that the kids can ride—and it’s free.

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Why Exercise Should Be Your Top Priority in 2017

Last year, I decided to go on a journey to the best health of my life. Looking back at 2016, I didn’t do a very good job. As a homeschooling mom of three kids six and under, plus trying to run a business on the side, I ignored my health a little too readily and a little too often. The problem is, while nothing bad happened this year, I know that I can’t continue on this downward spiral.

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Super Long Wait Times = Lots of Work Done (I love silver linings)

Today I am hyper-excited about super long waiting times at the after-hours clinic. Whereas normally this might be a source of frustration for many, I’ve made a commitment to write every single day. 500 words is my minimum, but I intend on writing a lot more each day. I’ve got about 3 hours with absolutely nothing to do but wait. Good thing I thought of bringing my laptop! I’m making some awesome progress on my blog and on other writing endeavours.
I’m also at the clinic more as a precaution than anything, and as I result, I don’t feel anxious about being here – another nice thing.

I’m here because yesterday I took a tumble on the ice and hurt my elbow. Whereas I still have full ROM, there’s a sizeable bump on my ulna, and I’m pretty sore pretty much from my shoulder down to my pinky finger. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong, but considering how often I ignore pain and how much damage that has done in the past, I figured I’d rather be safe than sorry. I’m pretty sure I’ll have another nice thing to write about, ‘cause I’m sure my elbow is fine.

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A wonderful year indeed


This post is one in a daily series to capture “all the nice things” that happen in 2017. Thank you to Cesar Abeid for the suggestion.

There’s a lot of people saying “good riddance” to 2016. These fine folks are convinced that 2016 was one of the worst years yet. But as a matter of fact, 2016 was actually an awesome year. Not just for me, but for a lot of other folks as well. There is only one difference between the folks who had an awful year and the ones who had an amazing one: perspective. My siblings and I are such different people, but there is one thing we all agree on: your year (and your life) is what you make it. 2016  saw the departure of many celebrities, and we also lost loved ones in our friend and family circle. But there were also babies born, friends made, adventures taken, and love felt all through the year. The people who left this world – we miss them, we love them, and we grieve their loss. But they are gone now, and we cannot change this. What we can do is feel the feelings that need to be felt during our grieving process, but also notice all the nice things that happen all around us every day. That’s where these posts come in – to put a smile on my face (and hopefully yours, too), and to remind me that no matter how bad a day gets, there’s still something to be celebrated within it. In that spirit, here are some nice tings that happened in my life this past year:

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Start 2017 on the right foot

I’m committed to having my most organized, healthiest, most awesome year ever in 2017. I’m committed to setting SMART goals and making them happen this year. I’ve decided to quit making excuses for why I can’t do things, and remember that if I try my hardest, I can accomplish anything. I need to remember to take my own advice more often. I have followed my dreams and taken leaps of faith in the past, and it always ends well. It’s when I don’t take action that I get into a spiral of feeling sorry for myself, and I start to believe the word “can’t.”

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Friends, word games, and the start of an awesome year

This post is part of a daily series to record all the nice things that happen in 2017. It’s a great way to record good memories, and also to hit my daily writing goal.

We had a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration with some friends here at home. It was super nice to host here, since we didn’t have to find babysitting. We started the celebrations late (9:30 p.m.) so that the kids would be asleep when the party started. We had a mini-party just with the kids after dinner. We enjoyed some treats, did a fake count down, and popped some sparkling juice for them. They enjoyed themselves and didn’t feel left out of the adult party.

We had a friend from swing dancing, an old friend of my hubby’s from middle school and his sister, and two friends from sports night. We hung out, had some drinks, and played some super-fun word games. I totally have to get Heads Up for my phone now. We also played Bananagrams, which is one of my favourites.

It was a lot of fun to just hang out with friends, and introduce some of them to pão de queijo, beijinhos de coco, and capirinha. I love cooking for parties, and this time around was no different.

We did our countdown and shared some sparkling wine or sparkling juice before everyone said their goodbyes at around 12:30 and headed home. I’m happy to say everyone drank responsibly.

I’m so happy and thankful for friends, social time, and celebrating the start of a brand new year. I can’t wait to notice all the nice things in 2017.  I encourage you to also start writing down your good memories. At the end of the year, you’ll have some great things to look back on.