RVing: How We Got an Awesome RV

RVing was not on our bucket list, and bringing my whole house with me on the road wasn’t something I’d given much thought to.

But… life brought us a lovely opportunity at a price we couldn’t turn down. I’m pretty hooked on cycle touring, but there’s no denying that you can cover a lot more ground in an RV. Plus, you can always just take the bikes with you on the RV, too!

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Elimination Communication: Raising Babies Without Diapers (WHAT???)

Elimination Communication eliminates the need for potty training. Yes, your baby can live diaper-free.

You now have two choices: breathe a huge sigh of relief and learn more. Or, raise your eyebrows, roll your eyes, and mutter about “these crazy parenting trends.”

When I first heard about elimination communication (EC), I decided to do the former, and we did a bit of EC with all our kids. It worked for us. If you’re curious, read on to find out more.

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