Birthday and Special Haircuts

I love birthday parties. I love hosting little parties at my house, making yummy food, and having friends over. My little K-girl turned 7 on January 20th. I can’t believe how fast time is flying.

For her birthday, K-girl had decided she wanted to get a special haircut at the hair salon and donate her hair for a child who needed a wig. She also wanted to get a little make up and nail polish. Usually Nana cuts our kids’ hair, since Nana used to be a hair stylist, so this was K-girl’s first time at a hair salon. I got the hair stylist who usually does my hair to cut my daughter’s. K-girl’s hair looks adorable short, and some kid is going to be really happy to have her gorgeous hair. After the hair cut, we went out for lunch with Nana and Papa, as is the tradition here.

The day after K-girl’s birthday, we had a little party here at the house. Some of her homeschool friends, friends from the theatre, Nana and Papa, a long-time family friend, plus one of her aunts and two of her cousins came over to the house. We had lots of yummy food, the kids had a Pokemon battle, and we even played charades and guess-the-word games.

K-girl is currently obsessed with Pokemon, so we had a Pokemon-themed party. I even tried my hand at a Pokeball cake, which was both frustrating and fun. It’s not Cake Boss quality, but the birthday girl was happy with it.

I kinda butchered the Happy Birthday writing, but she didn’t care. She was pretty happy with her Pokeball cake.

So, today’s nice thing is wonderful time with wonderful friends. And chocolate cakes that are super easy to make, because I always have everything on hand for this recipe from Boutell.

What nice thing happened for you today?

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