Atchafalaya Welcome Center & Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

What the rocking chairs lack in colour, they make up for in comfort. And sitting here on the porch of the Atchafalaya Welcome Center, they seem to beckon you to sit down and forget your worries for a while. As we come into the center, two smiling ladies give us that friendly southern greeting, “Welcome, how y’all doing?” and we feel welcome indeed.

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Perdido Kid’s Park & Pensacola Public Library

After visiting the Naval Aviation Museum, we get on the road towards the library, so I can have some time to work. On route, Dan sees a sign for Perdido Kids’ Park, and he decides to make the turn. We’re happy we did.

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A Chilly Plunge and Library Hens in Wakulla Springs, Florida

By Florida standards, it’s getting chilly out there, so an indoor destination is just the thing. And while we’ll never argue against library visits, we think you can still fit in an outdoor swim, even in the “cold”  Florida autumn.

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Amazing handcraft in Lake City, Florida

I’m not a crafty person—my craft is my writing. While some may view my lack of handiwork skills as a negative, I see it as a positive: when I’m given something handmade, I have that much more love for it, because I know I don’t have the skill to create that lovely item I’m holding. And when I see beautiful art on display, I am filled with joy. The library in Lake City, Florida, gives visitors a feast for the eyes in the form of a quilt exhibit.
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